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Named foods that can’t eat at night

Remember, vegetables are good, but not before bedtime!You suddenly realize that hungry? And, as often happens, the idea is to eat came to you late at night? Of course, the glass of kefir worse your body will not be exact. But remember: there are products, the use of which before …

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The doctors explained why you can’t skip Breakfast

It’s a pretty bad habit. To skip Breakfast in a hurry going to work, is a usual thing in the modern world. However, it is morning meal, as the proverb says, and confirmed by recent studies, is extremely important to maintain a healthy weight, good mood and energy throughout the …

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Five foods that can’t eat on an empty stomach

Doctors are told what foods you can’t eat on an empty stomach. Imagine your favorite food can harm more than benefit. Now, when you have the desire to have a bite, you will think a thousand times, and only then eat what’s healthier for your stomach. 1. Bananas They contain …

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During the day you can’t sleep

All lovers take a NAP after lunch waiting for the bad news: American scientists have shown that daytime sleep has a negative impact on health. The study, which involved 112 thousand people, showed that lovers sleep in the daytime for 20% more likely to suffer from hypertension. To explain the …

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Psychologists explained why you can’t yell at the kids

Named the terrible consequences of a parent yelling at the child. Scientists from the University of Iowa, studying the issue of raising children, came to the conclusion that understanding in the family cannot be achieved by shouting. Besides the persistent negative effect on children’s health. So it may lead to …

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Can’t test – take our word for it!..

Practical atheists ” believe in all that can’t be bothered to check… I completely agree that no religion in school progress should not be. Even the “History of religions” – is dragging rechristianization or reislamization that in our far from these myths, bygone country is unacceptable. By the way, does …

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