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Unusual house a tribe of cannibals. Photo

They learned to build such tall buildings. Despite the widespread use of achievements of science and technology, in the South-Eastern part of the Indonesian province of Papua has lost a small section of the area where progress has not yet reached. Reminds area of the stone age, whose population adheres …

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The friendly cannibals

The journey in the primitive jungle of Borneo with the “magic bird” CD and skulls The island of Kalimantan (formerly Borneo) is a very special region of Malaysia. Unlike the mainland, it is inhabited by warlike tribes of dajaks, which translated from Malay means dismissive of “Gentiles.” “Ribbon.<url>” went to …

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Genetics of the descendants of the cannibals

Disgusting years of the war in Poland with graves and monuments to Soviet soldiers who fell in the great Patriotic war, has become, alas, familiar. Recently the Polish foreign Ministry considered “obscene” than the demolition of Soviet monuments in the country with action grouping “Islamic state” (IG — banned in …

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About the cannibals and the Hindu sect aghori

CAUTION! The text contains material that may seem inappropriate and not recommended for impressionable and to persons with weak mentality. With the beginning of the era of geographical researches, when people began to actively explore the world, travelers discovering a whole nation, from ancient times practiced cannibalism – eating people …

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