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Named dangerous properties of canned products

It is important to know the measure. Canned foods are often made with excess sodium and other preservatives to increase shelf life. However, because of this they can cause heart problems, increase blood pressure or retain water, causing swelling. According to the American nutritionist Arielle Kestenbaum, and there are fears …

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The doctors warned about the danger of canned vegetables

In the cold season, especially the popular canned vegetables. Many people like to eat them, hoping that these products will compensate the lack of vitamins. However, it is not so simple. Canned vegetables contain salt, but lose vitamins. Vegetables, salted, cooked and no longer contain the vitamins or the right …

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Ex-wife Sechin will be engaged in the production of canned meat

Marina Sechin, the ex-wife of the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin, she became a co-owner of Paritet, OOO Vyatka, specializing in the production of canned and finished meat products, reports the newspaper “Kommersant”. According to “SPARK-Interfax”, the company appeared in April of this year . The owner of Paritet, OOO …

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Scientists explained how dangerous canned foods

They adversely affect human health. The team has implemented an interesting experiment in which doctors were able to fix the relationship between the use of canned foods and the risk of developing heart disease, hormonal disorders and diabetes. It is reported that the initiators of the research were employees of …

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