Monday , October 26 2020
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France began dismantling the camps of migrants “Jungle”

The operation to dismantle the camp is mostly quiet. Workers with sledgehammers began dismantling the camp “the Jungle” in Calais French, the police with water cannons guarded the territory, while living in the “Jungle”, the migrants wait for their further resettlement to other French camps. It is reported that French …

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Sexy pics of Vera Brezhneva has divided fans into two camps

Instagram Recently, the daughter of Vera Brezhneva, 15-year-old Sonia Kiperman, published in Instagram photo in a bikini and clearly showed that not in vain is actively building a modeling career. Sonya has a gorgeous slim figure and long legs. Instagram After the daughter is seductive form began to show itself …

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Russian aircraft bombed two refugee camps in Syria

At least 2 children killed, another 30 people were injured. Two camps – one to the West of Aleppo and another near the Turkish border was bombed, supposedly by Russian aircraft. This was reported to the Syrian Observatory for human rights. According to human rights activists in an airstrike on …

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Valentin Katasonov: the banks will be the concentration camps

Went the second month from the time the scandal broke, involving the abduction and the publication of documents by the Panamanian law firm, which specialized in opening offshore companies. A total of Panamanian companies have been abducted 11.5 million documents that contain information about the owners and ultimate beneficiaries of …

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