Thursday , October 22 2020
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In Germany shelled the refugee camp

In Germany, fired the camp, which houses Syrian refugees. In Lingen, in the German state of lower Saxony with an air rifle was fired at a shelter for refugees. Two residents of the camp were slightly injured. The shooting injured leg got a five year old girl from Macedonia, and …

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What war turned the children’s camp. Photo

Published photos of the ruins of a children camp “Alye Parusa”. In the Internet appeared fresh pictures of the former children’s camp “Scarlet sails” in Shirokino near Mariupol. About childhood there was nothing reminiscent. Photos published by the pastor of the Church of good changes” Gennadiy Mokhnenko. “Every time I …

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Closes the world’s largest refugee camp

The Kenyan authorities want to close the world’s largest refugee camp. The government of Kenya intends to close refugee camps, which are on the territory of the country, claiming that they are a serious economic burden for the country. In addition, according to the authorities, the camps significantly worsen the …

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Chinese camp for Internet-addicted teenagers. Photo

Here is a real drill. Many of us don’t even notice how a craving for the Internet and computer games turns into a very real addiction. China has long recognized Internet addiction a clinical disorder. In order to combat this problem, it even opened special camps for Internet-addicted teenagers. Many …

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Auschwitz: a tour of the death camp. Photo

This Museum is an eerie memorial to the war. More recently, the name of this concentration camp were brought upon people the horror. Now it attracts many tourists who want to walk in the footsteps of death and see the eerie place that has become a tomb for hundreds of …

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