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Curious traditions of a distant Cambodia. Photo

Each country has their own, unique traditions. They ride mopeds on the market and swim to school by boat, and after 50 in women begins another life… “My planet” — about the differences between cultures and the paradoxes of national identity. The Kingdom of Cambodia is the oldest country in …

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Cambodia – a country of “one dollar”

In Cambodia, any tourist can feel rich. It is no secret that in Cambodia the dollar, though not an official currency, but in a wide turn. The price tags in supermarkets in dollars. And 1$ is a kind of value. All the cheap (well, like fruit by the piece) — …

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In the jungles of Cambodia found the ancient city

In the jungle found the remains of ancient cities. Near the well-known complex of ancient temples Angkor Wat, archaeologists have discovered several towns, jungle-covered.. According to the data, they belonged flourished in the twelfth century Khmer Empire, the discovery confirms the fact that in those days the Empire was the …

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Traces of an underground civilization found in Cambodia

Paranormal investigator made an interesting statement. Connected all the continents by a network of tunnels? What is hidden from us under the land and water. What underground facilities the researchers found in South America? Can tunnels stretching underground for miles, to have an artificial origin? What scientists found in thicker …

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