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Became known, some products are rich in calcium

Doctors recommend children and adults to consume foods that contain calcium, in order to avoid possible diseases of the teeth, bone and blood. Everyone knows that calcium is the most important trace element for the human body. It provides the normal functioning of internal organs and systems. A deficiency of …

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Doctors told why dangerous supplements with calcium

Repeatedly elderly women who use calcium to strengthen bones, are at risk of dementia. Mostly women take these supplements to prevent osteoporosis occurring after menopause. This process slows the production of bone tissue in the body. Thanks to these drugs can develop serious problems – dementia, circulatory disorders. The experts …

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How to build up a reserve of calcium in the body

Calcium is the main component of the structural framework of teeth and bones. To keep youth, you need to have a supply of calcium in the body, and this means that you need to eat appropriate products and to facilitate the absorption of this important trace mineral. For this you …

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Indicate the reasons to consume foods rich in calcium

Doctors told why calcium is so important for the body. Why products containing calcium, must be present in the diet? Why is calcium in pregnancy is so necessary for the woman and the fetus, and what is the danger of deficiency of this mineral? The answers to these and other …

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