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Called healthy drinks, refreshing better than caffeine

To raise efficiency and get rid of drowsiness, doctors recommend to drink fresh juices from citrus fruits. One of the main causes of sleepiness is dehydration. Nutritionists say throughout the day without waiting for thirst is to drink plenty of water, especially in the morning. As for other drinks, doctors …

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Under the ban WADA can get caffeine and nicotine

The world anti-doping Agency (WADA) has provided a list of substances under monitoring from the organization. It is noted that these substances, including caffeine and nicotine can be banned in a year. “In hockey, especially in the Nordic countries, chewing tobacco is quite common. In the mid-2000s, the international ice …

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Top 9 alternatives to caffeine that are well invigorate

Coffee drink loved by many people for an invigorating aroma and deep flavor. Experts tell what to replace coffee with health benefits. These drinks not only boost energy, but will also improve the functioning of the organism as a whole. Green tea You can’t survive a morning without a Cup …

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