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Burial of the period before our era discovered in Tajikistan

What is in the graves, the researchers said. Burial period BC discovered in the fortress Yamchun. We are talking about Royal houses, an ancient historical monument, where scientists have found a room 10×10 meters. Archaeologists representing the RT Academy of Sciences and the history Department of the Tajik national University, …

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Archaeologists have found Turkey an ancient burial ground

In Milas in Turkey, started work, workers found a marble tomb. In Milas in Turkey, started work, workers found a marble tomb. When arrived at the scene, archaeologists, what they found was for them happiness. The ancient Shrine, miraculously survived to our times, was discovered in the province of Mugla, …

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Chinese archaeologists have discovered ancient burial

Scientists of China told about an unusual discovery.In the South-Eastern part of the country, experts have discovered ancient tombs, which are more than 1500 years. On the basis of their local agencies, the remains found in the village of Nanchang, Jiangxi province. According to experts, the situation of the seven …

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Archaeologists discovered the burial of the ancient biblical people

In Israel, archaeologists first discovered the cemetery of the Philistines.American and Israeli archaeologists discovered near the town of Ashkelon in southern Israel cemetery Philistines. During the excavations were found numerous human remains and artifacts that archaeologists have dated the period of XI-VIII century BC. The cemetery was discovered in 2013, …

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Discovered mass burial of the victims of Cromwell

Total scientists managed to count the remains of 1.7 thousand people. During the construction of the new building of the library of Durham University workers stumbled upon a mass grave with remains of about two thousand people. Archaeologists managed to find out that these bones belong to the Scots who …

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Found in Turkey ancient burial mound

During the rescue works on the territory of Istanbul, was accidentally discovered an ancient burial mound. The Istanbul archaeological Museum announced the Commission of unique finds, when on the territory of Turkey during an emergency, it was found ancient burial mound. The age of the mound is about 5 thousand …

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