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Bullet – a fool, but to escape from it

Heroes of modern fighters always supermen, and the fire does not burn and in water do not sink. It’s common to see as they are fleeing from persecution, armed bandits, jump into the water and disappear. Indiscriminate firing by catching the water does not give any results. The hero always …

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iPhone Turkish soldier saved from a bullet

Gold iPhone saved a man’s life. Military of Turkey Mustafa Bozoklar came under fire from members of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK), but were saved, because one of the bullets hit his Golden iPhone. This smartphone was severely damaged and cannot be repaired. The soldier was hospitalized in a military …

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Americans patented a self-destructing bullet

The U.S. military has patented the bullet that is supposed to reduce the risk of injury by random people in the crossfire. The bullets feature a charge, which fires after striking the element will overcome a certain distance. This sets the time before detonation, then the bullet explodes and stops …

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