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Who blew up buildings in Russia in 1999?

Discuss Valentin Gefter, Sergey Kovalyov, Lev Levinson In the period from 4 to 16 September 1999 in Moscow, Buinaksk, Volgodonsk, a series of terrorist attacks. As a result of apartment bombings killed 307 people and more than 1700 were injured varying degrees of severity. According to the official version and …

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The world’s most beautiful Gothic buildings. Photo

They look very majestic. Architecture is one of the most attractive types of art. People for thousands of years, admired the beautiful buildings and wanted to transform their homes or worse. In the old town building in the Gothic style are not uncommon. For example, residents and visitors of Prague …

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Crazy buildings constructed during the Soviet era. Photo

Their creators clearly went beyond the usual. The era, though the Soviet Union is gone, however she still continues to remind of itself many extraordinarily original buildings. These monuments and buildings are distinguished by their special socialist architecture that is acutely felt all the power of the former Soviet regime. …

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The rating of the most hideous buildings in Europe. Photo

The ugliest building of the European Union. Structure of concrete in the style of brutalism do not like a lot. Experts are convinced that many of them are architectural gems. Including in the countries of the former USSR. Anyway, the building looks pretty scary, ominous and repulsive. You definitely don’t …

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New buildings in the capital are not wanted?

  How a bad economy affects the real estate market participants Andrey Zakharchenko <source srcset=”/p/143075/m-143075.jpg” media=”(min-width: 428px) and (max-width: 671px)”/><source srcset=”/p/143075/l-143075.jpg” media=”(min-width: 672px)”/> Photo: Alexander Krasnov/ TASS <iframe id=”AdFox_iframe_653735″ frameborder=”0″ width=”1″ height=”1″></iframe> What the go developers to draw on their facilities buyers? What model of behavior are chosen with citizens …

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