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All the truth and myths about bronchitis

Doctors called the most popular myths about bronchitis. MYTH 1: THE ILLNESS IS NOT CONTAGIOUS Bronchitis is often caused by viruses: coronavirus, respiratory intitially, Reno, metapneumovirus or flu. And everything combines SARS airborne droplet transmission. Because if you see, for example, on the Playground, coughing child, do not listen to …

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Effective treatment of bronchitis folk remedies

4 simple recipe for the treatment of bronchitis.Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease of the bronchi with a primary lesion of the mucous membranes. The process evolves as a result of viral or bacterial infection, influenza, measles, pertussis, etc. The frequency of occurrence occupies the first place among other diseases of …

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As not to confuse bronchitis with a regular cough

There are effective treatments for bronchitis at home. It is important not to confuse the normal cold or allergic cough with bronchitis. Bronchitis occurs inflammation of the bronchi, causing them begins to accumulate mucus. Bronchitis is usually a complication of influenza or SARS. In bronchitis the cough is quite unusual. …

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