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The scientists said, what harm for health brings microwave

British experts said the real risks to human health from microwave ovens and shared tips on how to minimize risk. Scientists have conducted a number of studies that have proven harmful effects of microwave ovens on human health. In particular, it significantly increases the risk of cataracts and cancerous tumors. …

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What brings Erdogan and Putin?

The story that I heard from Ankara via Skype, accompanied by a large noise, was a new and strangely familiar. I was talking to a scientist, a person who believes in freedom and the free market, and he told me about the arrests, detention and shooting of his colleagues. Sahin …

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Sex every day brings health benefits

We all know that sex gives a positive, and it is an incentive to perform them daily. Especially if you’re with a man who is willing to experiment and embodiment of their own fantasies. So, let’s what is so useful to daily sex. Getting rid of stress. Sex relieves stress, …

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Actors that brings popular heroes of video games. Photo

These characters know everything. For fans of video games there is nothing better than to see their favorite virtual characters come to life on the big screen. Especially today, the adaptation of the video game so popular. Let’s see how professional actors portrayed the popular game heroes. 1. The movie …

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Love life on vacation brings a lot more fun

Experts have found that sex life during the holidays brings a lot more fun than working weekdays. American scientists have found that half of men and women get much more pleasure from sex if it’s on the resort, but not at home. American sociologists conducted a new survey, the results …

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Alcohol brings happiness, but for a short time

Experts explained why alcohol makes people happy, but for a short time. Scientists have found that alcohol is still making people happy. However, this effect remains only in the short term, followed by a sobering. Alcohol consumption has long been a recipe for dealing with stress because of work for …

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