Sunday , October 25 2020
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A brief report on the conference “Stalin – 140”

Last weekend in Moscow hosted the international scientific conference “Stalin-140”, organized by the Moscow Committee of the CPSU-EIF with the support of the Central Committee of the RKRP-CPSU. For the hypnotic mantras of acronyms hides a good job of specific people who were able to collect a decent list of …

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Brief description of story missions Battlefield 1

The story of the shooter will be developed in a separate story missions with different characters. The day before yesterday, Electronic Arts and DICE have given us to finally understand (and very effectively) that will be the single player campaign of the upcoming Battlefield 1. It turned out that the …

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A brief history of housing in Moscow

A BRIEF HISTORY OF HOUSING IN MOSCOW Anyone that hurts, that about that and speaks ! For example not far to seek. We almost every day we hear the phrase that the housing problem spoiled Muscovites. But nobody pays attention that there is mention of the Muscovites. It is the …

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Working offshore: a brief tutorial

What you need to know about nominee Directors, bearer shares and other features of the island jurisdictions To help readers to understand the sometimes complicated terms and intricate schemes, “Novaya Gazeta” has compiled a Glossary that explains basic concepts that you need to know in order to imagine how the …

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