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The rarest breed of dog. Photo

They are rare and expensive. Every dog owner finds that his beloved pet is one in a million. He’s very cute, but also a great defender, and you can even be sure that all dog owners feel the same way. But if you are a dog owner, one of the …

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The Rover chooses a breed to explore

The researchers gave the Rover the ability to choose targets for the laser spectrometer. Researchers at NASA has upgraded the software of the Curiosity Rover so that he is now able to choose their own rocks for analysis. As reported on the website NASA, Curiosity will be the first such …

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Dogs giants: the largest breed. Photo

No matter small dog or a big, bald, or fluffy, in any case, is a loyal friend who would do anything for you. The Estrela shepherd (also known as the Portuguese mountain shepherd) – the oldest breed in the Iberian Peninsula, originally used as a herding dog. The average height …

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The original breed normal animals. Photo

Nature has created millions of different sentient beings, different from each other. They differ in size, color and a huge list of other indicators. Humanity began to apply a scientific approach to the study of the animal Kingdom since the time of Aristotle, who for the first time in your …

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The smallest breed of cats. Photo

They are incredibly cute.Cats are creatures that are simply impossible not to love. They are so cute and direct that visitors can enjoy them forever. It is difficult to find a man whose heart succumbed to the infinite charm of cats. And it doesn’t matter what he looks like and …

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