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Breathtaking images of people in free fall. Photo

Photos of people in flight. French photographer Adeline Mai, not just epatirovala the audience with their creative photo shoot, presented his new series of photographs in which the people depicted in the process of falling. Someone from models who agreed to pose for such an unusual photo shoot, she looks …

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Surf’s up: breathtaking images of the ocean. Photo

The main cause of waves is wind. It’s like he presses a surface of the water and brings it out of balance.Australian photographer Matt Burgess (Matt Burgess) for six years takes the ocean. He’s taking pictures from unusual angles and even looks “under the wave” — most people don’t see …

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Vintage cars, breathtaking. Photo

They are still relevant. Retro cars are not just vehicles of the last century, they are an important part of the history of the development of our civilization. In addition, some of the old cars are unique and unrepeatable works of automotive art, and now they cause motorists no less …

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Breathtaking images of foggy London. Photo

Pictures amazing photos of London shrouded in fog. Have you ever wondered why the UK is still called Albion? The fact that Albion is the ancient name of the island of Britain, and the definition of vague he received because of the dense sea fog that constantly envelops his baser …

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Top 7 natural pools, and breathtaking. Photo

From mountain peaks to the deepest sinkholes. Most natural pools are inhospitable and unsafe, but they are so beautiful that you can capture their dream of many photographers. We want to show you beautiful pictures of natural swimming pools from around the world – from mountain tops to the deepest …

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