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Breathing affects the concentration

An interesting study conducted by foreign scientists, having received no less interesting results. Respondents unique experiment has helped scientists to determine that the concentration on the breath helps a person successfully complete a certain action. Buddhists and yogis have long said that meditation and proper breathing technique helps to improve …

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The tale about fire-breathing Ministry of Finance

Those who follow the news the other day witnessed another small battle between good and evil in fantasy style. In which the evil dragon in the way of Finance, demanded that all virgins of the Kingdom, in this case in their ruble equivalent in the form of higher taxes, but …

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Best breathing exercises for recovery

The complete breath is the cornerstone for healing. Full breathing — the most efficient way of breathing, the basis of all proper breathing. Full breathing promotes better ventilation, the movement of energy and oxygen metabolism in the body. This breath will give a great effect, bringing light and the whole …

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These breathing exercises will make you look younger

For beauty and youth need oxygen. The more often you train the respiratory system, the better the fabric of your body supplied with oxygen. Due to this, the aging process slowed down. Find 10 minutes a day to look 10 years younger. BREATH OF FIRE Sit comfortably with your back …

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