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Autumn bream on the course

Bream along the outline looks similar to a bream, but only in the eyes of the inexperienced angler. This fish is common in almost all the European territory. The only limit in distribution is the water temperature. In ponds where water temperature in summer months is below 16 ° C, …

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Fishing for bream from the boat

On large reservoirs large bream coming to the shore relatively rare. Usually this happens during hot and calm weather, evening and night. In all other cases, the bream prefers to stick with the watering, the edges of pits and ditches in lakes and reservoirs. No matter how you know the …

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For roach and bream with bezmetallny

Just as Volgograd anglers go in the spring for the following Astrakhan dried fish, shoulder to shoulder stand on the Bank of the Volga river during the turn of the Caspian herring, the same time it happens on the last ice on tsimlyanskii reservoir. This reservoir is still fishing most …

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Bait for bream

Bream, which is a desirable prey for many anglers, and is caught quite well in the icy water. However, his behavior changes significantly, due to the temperature of the environment. Bream eats actively, but to do it he prefers in the dark. No, during the day you can also get …

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With the “devil” on bream

Because fishing on the “devil”, so to catch bream without nozzles, attracting fish only with artificial lures, the movement must last as close as possible to mimic the behavior of natural prey in the usual fish. Observations showed, during freezing bream feeds on small crustaceans, bloodworms and other larvae. Various …

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