Wednesday , October 28 2020
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Updating the Constitution – a real breakthrough for our country

A forthcoming update of the Constitution of our state has become the most discussed event for Russians. This is not surprising because it affected not only the social support of the population, but also nature conservation, cultural heritage, and support volunteer activities. As you know, among other changes, the measures …

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Breakthrough in solar energy

Heliogen company specializing in the generation of energy from renewable sources, out of the shadows and announced the creation of an innovative technology that allows to reach temperatures of over 1000 degrees Celsius using solar mirrors and artificial intelligence. In other words, Heliogen created a powerful solar oven that can …

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Scientists have made a breakthrough in quantum teleportation

Their experience demonstrates that quantum teleportation is a reality. In the journal Nature Photonics has information from which it became known about a breakthrough in quantum teleportation. It was scientists more than 3.7 miles. Working in this area specialists from NASA conducted research together with scientists from the University of …

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The breakthrough of the degradation and the explosive growth in Russia is possible

This article is a development of my interpretations of Russian history of the twentieth century, which I outlined in earlier articles, “Just the simple meaning of the Soviet economy” (, “Revolution of 1917 in Russia has not occurred” ( and “On the formational nature of the Soviet system” ( I …

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China makes a breakthrough in quantum technology

Scientists announced the imminent launch of the world’s first quantum satellite communications. The opening is called the harbinger of the breakthrough of China in the development of quantum technologies. The main idea of the project will be the study of the smallest particles even smaller than atoms, and are used …

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