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The main rules for a healthy Breakfast

A Deposit of an energetic day. The perfect Breakfast that fits all does not exist, but there are a few important things are worth paying attention to. For example, hot food activates the digestive processes, foods rich in protein, help to lose weight. An American study showed that women who …

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The dietician told how to lose weight by changing your Breakfast

Only four changes in Breakfast will help to lose weight. According to a nutritionist from Australia Susie Burrell offered a Breakfast, which the morning to activate the body’s metabolism and achieve weight loss by burning extra calories. Importantly, the expert said, Breakfast skipping is undesirable in principle. One who has …

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Scientists explain why Breakfast needs to be hearty

It is not to be missed. A new study by German researchers from the University of lübeck (Germany) have shown that a hearty Breakfast helps prevent obesity and keep your blood sugar under control, which reduces the likelihood of developing type II diabetes. To digest and absorb food and also …

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Perfect Breakfast for a flat stomach

A flat stomach is always consequences to good digestion. Start your day with a proper Breakfast, and slim figure you provided. Ingredients: 5 tablespoons of oat flakes;– 0,5 tbsp. hot water;– 1 tablespoon milk– 1 tsp of honey;– a handful of dried fruit;– 5 nuts. Preparation: 1. Take rolled oats …

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What should be the ideal healthy Breakfast

Porridge is one of the healthiest Breakfast options. The cereal is low in fat, lots of minerals, fiber (lowers cholesterol) and slow carbohydrates, making it a great dish even for losing weight. Harvard University actually have proved that consumption of whole grains prolongs life. But it is important not to …

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