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Walk these bridges will venture only the brave. Photo

They are just dizzy. Bridges can be extremely useful not only architectural construction, but these extreme rides, especially for those who are afraid of heights. In this collection you will see the bridges, most of which scared even to come close, not something to go on them. However, thrill seekers …

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Who is really behind the brave opposition leader Navalny

Many politicians and oligarchs waiting for new online project Navalny of corruption, the beginning of this project, timed to coincide with elections to the State Duma in 2016, and will also affect candidates from “United Russia”. Remember some points about the Bulk. At the moment, we can say the official …

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Psychologists told how to be brave

These simple steps can change the character. Many situations in life require us to do what needs to be done, but we are scared. We know that it is in our interest or to our health, but continue to delay until the last moment. How to be bold and stop …

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Scary mazes for the brave travelers. Photo

The place is not for the faint of heart.If you want to test the strength of your nervous system, you can go in a frightening journey through the maze of the most terrible in the world. With these are associated various mystical mazes of history that makes them especially creepy. …

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