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Don’t freak out! How stress changes the brain

This may seem surprising, but many people underestimate the danger of stress. Meanwhile, a number of studies on both animals and humans shows that stress has a negative impact not only on cardiovascular system but on the brain. According to the results of a new study conducted at the health …

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The young actress Disney died from brain cancer

The girl died from cancer. Actress from Uganda Nikita pearl Valiga died at the age of 15 years. The teenager struggled with brain cancer. About the girl’s death was reported in the Twitter of the school where she studied. “You were loved by many, and a brain tumor took away …

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Scientists have found that helps slow brain aging

Scientific point of view. Unique design, true bio-computer, studied the science by about 5%, have in mind of each of us. But unfortunately, the brain is subject to aging and a slow but irreversible process of degradation. That help to slow brain aging and “pump” cognitive function? Come to the …

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Scientists are trying to reduce brain swelling after head injury

After craniocerebral trauma the patient is often diagnosed with secondary brain swelling, compressed within the skull. Scientists and doctors currently have no effective treatment of this phenomenon. In the new study, researchers from Northwestern Medicine managed to significantly reduce brain edema and injury after traumatic brain injury by introducing nanoparticles …

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Study: in schizophrenia and reduced brain communication

Advances in scanning have allowed researchers for the first time to exhibit lower levels of protein detected in the relationships between neurons in the living brain of people with schizophrenia. The researchers who carried out the scanning in a psychiatric unit at the Medical research Council (IIA) of the London …

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Scientists have learned to grow a brain

British scientists from Cambridge University have created hundreds of artificial copies of the human brain.The samples grown to study the brain in vitro. In the collection there are already 300 artificial brain. The diameter of each instance is about four millimeters, and age – 7 months. While it is not …

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