Thursday , October 22 2020
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In Orlando found the boy’s body, attacked by crocodile

In Orlando Park at Walt Disney World tragedy. Rescuers in the us city of Orlando (Florida) found a day later searches of the murdered two-year-old crocodile. According to the TV station, by this time the boy was long dead. The evening of 14 June the alligator is dragged into the …

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“Look how live correct English boys”

Interview with Timur Artemyev, former co-owner of the Euroset company In 1997, businessmen Yevgeny Chichvarkin and Timur Artemyev has created the company “Euroset”, which subsequently became Russia’s largest cellular retailer. In the fall of 2008 in the company were searched, and then losing the business Chichvarkin and Artemyev have signed …

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A childhood deprived of modern boys and girls. Photo

Gadgets and the Internet took it away. In our virtual reality that prevails over the real. This trend appears in our children: they can not imagine life without Internet and different gadgets. Unlike the children in the photo-they live a carefree life, absolutely free from the endless distractions and time-consuming …

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