Sunday , October 25 2020
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Do not think that Ukraine has already reached the bottom

Some say: “Ukraine is on the bottom, Ukraine is on the bottom”… all this Nonsense. Because last Friday from below knocked. I’m talking about Kiev “the March of the nation” who held a “national body” and “Right sector”. As all the activities of “Azov”, this “move” was noisy, bright and …

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Unique glass tunnel at the bottom of the lake. Photo

This unusual tunnel, located in Modra, Czech Republic. Its unique design creates a memorable impression as if you are trapped inside the underwater world. The tunnel under the lake Modra is a unique facility in Europe. Exhibition of the inhabitants of the freshwaters of the Czech Republic is called “Living …

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Fragile the bottom of the crisis

About a year ago, Mr. Minister Ulyukayev very accurately and shrewdly described the economic situation in Russia as “lying down on the fragile bottom.” Literally, the Minister said: “It is evident that we are somewhere at the bottom are, or what to call this movement.” He added: “But it’s still …

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