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In pursuit of eternal youth Robbie Williams overdid the Botox

East News 42-year-old Robbie Williams, apparently, wants to remain forever young. The musician has repeatedly resorted to plastic surgery in pursuit of the perfect appearance. Recently, fans noticed that the singer changed almost beyond recognition! Apparently, the singer overdid it with the Botox. The newspaper Daily Mail notes that Robbie …

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Botox is not safe, experts warn

Wrinkle threatens the development of severe complications. Scientists have not established exactly what system can capture the toxins, because it depends on the dose and injection sites. There is today in the world of a woman who wouldn’t know what is Botox and what impact it has on the body. …

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Nicole Kidman has declared, that does not use Botox

Nicole Kidman has denied rumors that she enjoys the “beauty shots”. Nicole Kidman wants as long as possible to retain their youth. To achieve its goal, it resorts to Botox injections. Most recently, Nicole Kidman flashed on the red carpet during award CMT Awards-2016. She was exquisitely dressed, but still …

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