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Boris Johnson invited the British to wait for death

Great motivasi from the Prime Minister. Don’t you think?) After that lightning, he was accused of destruction of the nation, because, as it seems to be local, does nothing to rescue its citizens. The other day Johnson just told the people that they will lose their loved ones, and coronavirus …

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Boris Moiseev was going to marry

Future wife of Boris Moiseev’s name is Adele 62-year-old singer Boris Moiseev is going to marry. He, as reported, decided to legalize relations with the American business lady. The girl’s name is Adele Todd. Boris Moiseev will officially create a family. And to sign with his beloved, he decided in …

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62-year-old Boris Moiseev marries American

The famous singer decided to enter into a legal marriage.Singer Boris Moiseyev is going to start a family with American women. The wife of actor will be American businesswoman Adele Todd, which Moses for several years already is civil marriage. Sign in love with one of the Central registry office …

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Media: Boris Moiseev seriously ill

The flamboyant Boris Moiseev, always active and alive on the stage disappeared from view completely. Boris Moiseyev brain cancer. The once cheerful and joyous, honoured artist of Russia, singer, choreographer 62-year-old Boris Moiseev is suffering from a serious illness. Media have speculated that the artist has brain cancer. And that …

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Boris Vishnevsky: “who will save?”

“First Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko said on the forum “Territory”, that “if nothing changes, by the end of next year we will not have reserves nor the ability to pay salaries,” – says the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg in his blog. “Note: the Russian budget and …

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Boris Raytshuster: Putin realizes that saddled tsunami

The German investigative journalist, the bestselling author of “Putinocracy” on the air espresso.TVрассказал about a network of agents of the Kremlin in Western Europe and why Putin wants to weaken Merkel You are one of the first in the West, who began to talk seriously about a secret network of …

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