Monday , October 26 2020
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Americans boost a new revolution in the oil market

The head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin at the Eurasian forum in Italy, said that the production of shale oil has good chances of going on “a trajectory of moderate growth”. At the same time top managers of major Russian oil companies noticed that this growth will not be “explosive” character, …

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Proven methods to boost immunity

Some traditional recipes can help improve the immune system is not worse than expensive pharmaceutical drugs. Autumn has already entered in its rights, however, “Indian summer” has not been canceled, but in this warm period of autumn is attentive to their health. While there is still time and vegetables from …

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Herbal tea to boost immunity: 10 recipes

These few simple recipes will help you to prevent any cold. To strengthen immunity in the cold season will help the vitamin tea prepared on the basis of medicinal herbs. These drinks will warm and increase the body’s resistance to viral infections. Recipe 1. Required: hips cinnamon – 3 tbsp, …

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What should be the Breakfast to boost health

To work effectively and not be interrupted every half hour for a snack, in the morning we must eat well — so say all the specialists in nutrition. American nutritionist Neal Barnard contributed to this theory, making Breakfast menus for office workers who are primarily in the head and face …

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Products that will give you a boost of energy

To be active and energetic, usually put on your table the products from the list below. Bananas These fruits are literally irreplaceable source of energy. Bananas instantly satisfies the body’s need for simple carbs, saturate it with potassium, a deficiency of which, incidentally, leads to physical weakness. Lentils Amino acids, …

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