Tuesday , October 20 2020
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To cope with the autumn Blues will help these products

There are many products which are natural antidepressants. With the onset of autumn, many people do not notice how you fall into depression. Summer cheerfulness and fun of the weather evaporate like on click. Scientists now and then that explore different ways of solving problems with the mental state of …

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Simple ways to overcome the autumn Blues

To combat the autumn Blues, eating Goodies and watching movies — the last century! There are far more efficient and pleasant ways to beat sadness and longing. Method 1. Go to the gym Physical activity disperse the blood, improve skin tone and literally fill us with life force: lethargy and …

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Proven ways to get rid of the summer Blues

At this time of year, many people feel unhappy. Every summer a psychologist treating people who have symptoms of despair, because, in their own words, “they are not as happy as I would like”. One of the patients, which we’ll call Chris, for example, complains that this year will not …

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