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How the color blue affects human intelligence

Blue light makes people smarter.The experiment involved 35 volunteers in the age from 18 to 32 years. People under the influence of blue light are better able to focus and make faster decisions. This was stated by scientists from the University of Arizona, presenting his research at the conference Sleep2016. …

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Over Russia the sky is the liberal blue…

In the poem “the Planters” Nekrasov appeals to those who are called to cultivate people with lofty souls: “Sow reasonable, good, eternal, Sow! Thank you say a heartRussian people…”. (1876) But alas, after 1991 the program was started nurturing anti-human according to Western standards, meeting the anti-Christian liberal values of …

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Amazing African kids with blue eyes. Photo

The combination of dark skin and blue eyes is extremely rare. In fact, black Africans should not be blue eyes. However, this occurs due to mutation of one of the genes, while the eye color of both parents may be dark. Scientifically this phenomenon is called syndrome Waardenburg.

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Discovered blue Mars

Scientists shocked, it turned out that Mars does not like what it represented, on the basis of earlier studies. Researchers from NASA announced that the planet, which has long been considered the red, has blue side.NASA experts have got unique photo. On the found photographs discovered sensational facts about Mars. …

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Scientists: Mars was the blue planet

Stunning NASA photos reveal to us the blue side of the red planet.At the disposal of the researchers at NASA with the camera High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) got a photo on which was seen the unexpected truth about the neighbor of the Earth in the Solar system. It …

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