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Product named for reducing the level of sugar in the blood

Good reason there are more red fish. Scientists have found that the carotenoid astaxanthin is able to speed up the glucose metabolism and reduce blood sugar levels. The study, which lasted for two months in Iran, showed that diabetics treated with astaxanthin, there was a reduction of fat mass in …

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Named blood group, the most vulnerable to coronavirus

The doctors discovered a pattern. The biggest risk of Contracting coronavirus COVID-2019 in people with blood group A(II). This was stated by vrachevanie Komorowski in the corresponding video on his Youtube channel. According to him, this information is surprising, but true. Himself a doctor rechecked it several times. “It is …

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Called exotic fruit, rejuvenating the blood

Scientists have proved its advantage. Chinese scientists have found that eating the fruit of the Arhat strengthens the cells in the red marrow. In turn, this allows you to slow the aging process in the body. Their findings, researchers have substantiated by experiments with laboratory mice in which they for …

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Effective ways to reduce blood sugar levels

How to use folk remedies to lower blood sugar. There is a healthful recipe based on milk and tincture of propolis. It is necessary within 10 days before going to bed drink half a Cup of warm milk with the addition of 15 drops of tincture of propolis. This course …

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