Thursday , October 22 2020
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Extreme smartphone Blackview BV6000S valued at $150

Smartphone Blackview BV6000S designed to complement the Blackview model BV6000, released in late spring of this year. It costs $ 200 and boasts a metal housing with a harsh design and protection from water and dust, as well as a powerful modern filling. More new mobile phone is its simplified …

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Smartphone Blackview BV6000 reliable as a brick

The company Blackview introduced a new smartphone BV6000, which at first glance does not look like a smart phone and more like a brutal walkie-talkie without the antenna, which can be used in very heavy machinery. Actually, the way it is — the smartphone is protected from many external factors, …

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Smartphone Blackview R7 with 4GB of RAM is cheaper than $200

The price of current flagships from well-known brands, offering 4 GB of RAM as something unique, already close to 1000 dollars. Fortunately not all important recognizable logo on the case — those who know how to count money, will prefer the new smartphone, Blackview R7, which also carries a Quartet …

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Camera phone the Blackview BV6000 provided a reinforced hull

It just so happened that almost all the cell phones, have a robust housing, can not boast of modern fillings, resulting in audience of potential buyers is severely limited. Announced today the monoblock Blackview BV6000 is also not classified as flagships, but there is something to please: built-in camera features …

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