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Zoologists have discovered in Africa, three new species of birds

It’s possible, researchers will soon find other new species. In Africa, found three new species of birds. The authors of the opening were American zoologists. The result of the scientific work the researchers presented in the relevant publication of Systematics and Biodiversity. A group of American scientists headed by Professor …

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Flock of iron birds: a spectacular sight. Photo

Hundreds of planes taking off at the same time The plane soars over the runway of the airport, is an impressive sight, but it is unlikely that someone will surprise. Hundreds of planes taking off at the same time, is much more interesting. Photographer from Los Angeles Mike Kelley has …

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The world’s largest birds of prey. Photo

They are beautiful and dangerous. For many centuries, birds of prey perceived by human mystic, endowed with special powers. In various tribal cultures had religious movement dedicated to predatory murderers, they became patrons of their warriors and shamans. In modern ornithology the term “bird of prey” refers to any kind …

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The most dangerous birds on our planet. Photo

They are considered to be the largest birds. On Earth there are about 9000 species of birds, most of which can fly. The ability to fly provide some features of the structure of their bodies. The bones of birds are thin and hollow, which greatly facilitates the weight of the …

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Birds, which it is better not to anger. Photo

Birds can be very dangerous. When we think about birds, before the eyes emerge a peace-loving animal, symbolizing freedom and peace. And certainly we don’t think birds can cause harm to humans. However, some poultry to humans can be smertelno-threat. 1. Red-tailed Buzzard. A bird of the family accipitridae. Red-tailed …

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See this new York birds. Photo

Amazing photos of new York from the height of bird flight. New York is often called the capital of the world: a “city for everyone”, which incorporates the features of different cultures, which is reflected in its appearance. The main feature of modern new York is definitely skyscrapers. There are …

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