Sunday , November 1 2020
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Scientists said that birch “go to sleep”

It is established that birch at night change their position.Birch go to bed and night is inclined at 10 cm — to such conclusion of botany, published an article in Frontiers in Plant Science. They first only described changing the position of the branches of the tree during the night, …

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Birch SAP

Longer and longer it becomes daylight. Getting hotter and brighter the sun shines. Louder and louder chirping birds outside the window. Louder rings drops from the roofs, and, despite the freezing temperatures at night, the air becomes saturated with different smells inherent in the coming Spring. It is beyond words, …

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In the night from 15 to 16 November, finally the snow fell — good soft porosa on dry land and dry, sometimes very high (the weeds) grass. On the black path to find the hare failed, but grandnephew rusack and blacka slotopol has zapreval. Powder the first day, Monday, to …

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