Thursday , October 22 2020
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Russia will lose tens of billions of dollars for oil

Renewal of the agreement OPEC+ on the reduction of oil production may lead to Russia’s loss of tens of billions of dollars a year. This possibility is predicted by the economists polled by TASS. Advisor to the head of the “OTKRITIE broker” Sergei hestanov indicates that the fall in prices …

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Russia does not know what to do with their oil billions

“Russia can be criticized in many ways. However, one today no doubt, namely, that the country has learned from its negative experience, – the journalist writes the German newspaper Die Welt Eduard Steiner. – With iron financial discipline second country in the world in oil production prepares its state budget …

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Knacker’s yard for billions

Especially for PortoFranko the situation in the Primorsky Oceanarium, commented the leader of the program “Dialogues about animals” Ivan zatevahin Vladivostok is in shock. No other word will not pick up. A couple of days ago, the city discussed the death of a sea lion stark, who was found with …

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Leonardo DiCaprio accused of stealing billions

Charitable Fund Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio was suspected of embezzlement of three billion dollars from the environmental Fund 1MDB in Malaysia. It is known that Leonardo DiCaprio’s Foundation received donations from 1MDB and was suspected of money laundering. Leonardo DiCaprio accused of stealing billions Swiss activists from the Fund …

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