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Syrian residents of Raqqa rebelled against the group of DAYS

Жители сирийской Ракки восстали против группировки ДАИШ

Residents of the Syrian city of raqqa – the proclaimed capital of DAISH (Islamic state) – has rebelled against the domination of terrorists and hung the flags of Syria in several urban areas, RIA news Agency Sputnik.

“State flags of the RAA appeared on buildings in 5 blocks Raqqa. After two blocks, the townspeople came out in mass rally with slogans in support of Syrian army”, – reports the edition with reference to eyewitnesses.

According to the Agency, “after the start of the rally between protesters and militants ensued fierce battles” in which “residents of Raqqa managed to destroy a large number of terrorists DAYS”.

In addition, sources told of clashes between militants. “The main forces of terrorists blocked the exits from the city, that would not give to run a squad of deserters, totaling about 100 people,” – writes the edition.

Currently on Raqqa is on the offensive, both government forces and the formation of the Syrian Kurds. The militia make their way to the city from the North-East, and the military – side of Aleppo.

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