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SpaceX raised to 150 metres of a prototype spaceship

SpaceX подняла на 150 метров прототип космического корабля

The network has posted a video of the launch.

In the United States successfully tested a prototype of the second stage super-heavy launch vehicle Starship SN5, which the us company SpaceX is preparing to fly to the moon and Mars. In the process of testing the prototype took off and climbed to 150 meters, moved to the side and gently sat down on the landing platform.

A video of the test published on the resources of NASA and SpaceX in networks.

Specifies that the Starship is an advanced super-heavy rocket that SpaceX is developing as a replacement for the Falcon rockets. The apparatus consists of two steps, one of which will act as the ship. As conceived by engineers, the rocket will be able to bring into space more than 100 tons of payload, it would like to use for lunar and Martian missions. Stage of the rocket will be able to make a soft landing and refueling in space.

SpaceX considers the Starship as a transport for passenger suborbital flights between continents. It is assumed that the second stage of the rocket will be able to fly from one continent to another in just a few tens of minutes. A full launch complex Starship is scheduled for 2021.

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