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Smartphones from Apple: why iPhone became popular

Смартфоны от Apple: почему iPhone завоевали популярность

According to the ratings 2020, Apple became the most valuable brand in the world, overtaking such titans as Google and Microsoft. Brand name of this brand has become an indicator of the quality and status of the owner. No exception and smartphones Apple iPhone which quickly win the love of users, until recently, didn’t brought my life without Android.

Why the iPhone has become a gadget for new issues of which the world has witnessed? What is the reason that even the rich and famous are willing to stand in mile-long queues to be the first to get the coveted gadget? Let’s understand this question.

The reasons for the popularity of the iPhone

The reasons for the phenomenon of the Apple a lot: from the name of the founder of the brand and ending with the hype around each failure of a company. We should also highlight the following advantages:

  • Brand. iPhone – status smartphone. And the newer the version the better. Users understand that and do not spend money to upgrade the “old” version last year on a model that will amaze friends and acquaintances.
  • Quality. Yes, a smartphone is not cheap, but the content is worth it. Users get a separate operating system, which is regularly “cleaned” of bugs, the camera is able to replace a full-fledged, standalone device, fast processor and a capacious battery;
  • Easy to use. All done on an intuitive level;
  • Reliable warranty support;
  • A separate “ecosystem” and a huge number of additional features for owners of other equipment from Apple (MacBook, iPod, Apple Watch);
  • The ability to use the famous AirPods.

Many people who have some time, iPhone note that after iOS you cannot return to the usual Android. It is no wonder Steve jobs was a true legend, who created the whole high-tech Empire!

Which iPhone should I choose?

With each new version of these smart phones are getting better. Therefore, this question primarily depends on the financial possibilities. All popular versions can be found in the online store phones and electronics Available models starting from the seventh iPhone. The site has a function of payment by installments, so to make a welcome gift for yourself or your loved ones will be even easier.

According to research, the most popular Apple smartphone remains the iPhone 8. Although he already published a number of new versions, it was the 2017 model year like especially anxious. In the first place for a new method of unlocking the “Face ID” and six-core processor.

iPhone X was a breakthrough due to improved casing design, new features, camera 12 MP and other “buns”. However, iPhone 11 also did not disappoint. Smartphone happy great camera (including front facing).

We should also highlight iPhone SE 2020. Apple has created a “budget” series, with chassis like the iPhone 8 and the new features. True Tone, Touch ID, fast charging, great camera and fast processor are bribing users.

Whichever iPhone you choose, the innovation from Apple bribe with the first touch. The main thing – to choose a trusted seller!

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