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Smartphones Apple iPhone 7 Plus continue to explode

The world has witnessed another case of spontaneous combustion of a smartphone from Apple: this time it happened in China, where the exploded cell phone Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Of course, that was not massive trouble as the Samsung with its Note 7, but the number of burnt “ablational” the latest generation is growing, and it can not scare.

The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus went on sale in late September of this year, and the number of burnt specimens is approaching ten, and it is only those cases that are officially reported by the service centers of Apple. A resident of China’s Yunnan province reported that it was holding my brand new Apple iPhone 7 Plus in the hands, when it happened. The device is first strongly heated up, then he fell out of his hands, then began to vibrate and smoke. The result of all the views captured in the photo.

To repair this mobile phone will not work, and it is not known whether Apple to indemnify the company does not wish to comment on the incident. Why such expensive phones were so poor, no one speaks, and the cause of the fire Samsung Note 7 is officially still kept secret. Phone discontinued, but Apple is unlikely to stop the release of “IPhones” because customer centricity is not about her.

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