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Second night of protests: at the interior Ministry said the number of detainees

Вторая ночь протестов: в МВД Беларуси назвали число задержанных

In Minsk and Navapolatsk the police used tear gas.

On the basis of protests on the night of Tuesday, August 11, in Belarus detained more than two thousand people, 21 security officials were injured, said the interior Ministry of the country.

It is noted that in the night from 10 to 11 August were marked focal gathering of citizens in several cities, the most massive in Minsk, Brest, Mogilyov and Novopolotsk.

In Minsk, a group of citizens during the movement launched smoke bombs and “Molotov cocktails”. On the roads of the capital, some drivers deliberately stopper motion to delay the paddy. There have also been cases block the road specially constructed obstacles.

The recorded facts of the confrontation to law enforcement, in which 21 employees of internal Affairs bodies and internal troops, five of them were hospitalized. About the number of victims among the activists is not reported. Across the country arrested more than two thousand people.

In Minsk and Novopolotsk employees of internal Affairs bodies and servicemen of internal troops have used lethal weapons to suppress protesters, some of whom batons, rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas.

Currently, a legal assessment of the events.

As noted in the interior Ministry, information about the number of applicants to the medical institutions of the country are hospitalized and would report further to the Ministry of health.

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