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Scientists have shown the contents of “jade” tomb of the Chinese Emperor

Ученые показали содержимое «нефритовой» гробницы китайского императора

The tomb is already 2200 years old.

In China archaeologists during excavations found the ancient tomb, which was one of the biggest in the history of collections of jade objects.

The find was made in the Shaanxi province (in the provincial capital, XI’an) in Northwest China. They found a tomb, whose age is approximately 2200 years. Scientists believe that it was built shortly before the beginning of the reign of the Western Han dynasty (202 BC — 8 ad) or at the beginning of her reign.

This tomb was part of the funerary complex. Next to her, archaeologists have found 26 ancient tombs.

Special attention was drawn to the biggest of them. Presumably, it belonged to a senior person. A distinctive feature is a sloping passage to the burial chamber. Inside was found a variety of ritual objects.

In particular, in the tomb found more than 2,200 pieces of jade items. It was the largest discovery of such artifacts found in the tombs of China. Also there were more than 190 other items, including bronze details for chariots, pottery, terracotta statuette of a dancer, bells, and accessories made of gold and bone.

Scientists suggest that this tomb might be buried close to the Emperor Liu Han. In the same complex had previously been found in the mausoleum, in which were buried not only the Emperor, but his mother and wife.

Previously, it was tradition to bury in such “minor” tombs entourage of people to noble. There was a whole system of construction of such complexes.

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