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Scientists have refuted the use of products with antioxidants

Ученые опровергли пользу продуктов с антиоксидантами

Better to save the measure.

Foods rich in antioxidants such as black tea, chocolate, nuts and berries, can increase the risk of certain cancers.

To such conclusion the group of researchers from the Centre for immunology and cancer research behalf of Lautenberg at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

A thorough analysis revealed the culprit that causes cancer to spread rapidly in the large intestine: the intestinal flora that produces metabolites known as “antioxidants”, which in high concentrations in foods such as black tea, chocolate, nuts and berries, — said the scientists.

A group of researchers under the guidance of Professor Inon Ben-Neria focused on the role of the intestinal microflora, studying cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, and may have found the reason why only 2% of cancers develop in the small intestine, whereas 98% are striking in the large intestine. The reason, according to scientists, lies in the main difference between these bodies in the presence of the intestinal microflora. In the small intestine the little bacteria, while the colon is inhabited by a rich microflora.

Scientists are beginning to pay increasing attention to the role of intestinal microflora in our health: how its positive effects, and in this case, it is sometimes detrimental role in causing several diseases, explained Ben-neria.

Called among oncologists of the causes of cancer improper diet are very common. People eat unhealthy foods, drink a lot of alcohol or soda. It turns out the increased risk of dangerous diseases. To reduce it, you should correct the diet.

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