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Scientists have modified the gene of bull for the sake of transgender meat

Ученые отредактировали ген быка ради трансгендерного мяса

At the DNA level gender of animals will remain the same.

Scientists have modified the gene of the bull so that three-quarters of his offspring were male. Did it for the meat, which is so far not able to sell.

Scientists under the leadership of Joe Owen, University of California, inserted the SRY gene in the 17th chromosome to most of the offspring of a bull was developed in the male way. This experiment went for meat, which tastes better bulls than in cows.

The researchers intend to more expensive steaks, but in the next few years the descendants of the modified bull will not be able to get on the shelves because of the extent of the inspections changed meat.

Generally, for targeted insertion of the transgene scientists have conducted operations not by the embryo, and cell culture, the core of which is then implanted into the egg.

This time, however, scientists decided to introduce reagents CRISPR/Cas9 and donor HMEJ-vectors directly into the zygote (the first stage of the embryo — Ed.) 6 hours after fertilization.

In the end, Cosmo was born a bull, 75% of the offspring of which must be bulls. At the DNA level they are girls, but externally it cannot be distinguished from the bull.

Recall, scientists were able to change the gender aegypti mosquitoes to reduce their population and the number of females that bite humans and thereby transmit dangerous diseases.

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