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Scientists have managed to print on a 3D printer corals

Ученые сумели напечатать на 3D-принтере кораллы

The material for them are made from limestone, marble and chalk.

While NASA is looking for volunteers to participate in the game by creating corals, the American experts have creating them. They first printed coral on a 3D printer. All in order to save coral reefs.

The project deals with the American design company Objects and Ideograms. Artificial corals create a calcium carbonate material that is produced from limestone, marble and chalk.

Such “coral skeletons” should help to restore one of the most vulnerable ecosystems of the Earth. The objects have a cylindrical shape and a porous surface. They are modeled on the form of natural corals, which are also composed of calcium carbonate. The porous surface and cracks of the coral become home to coral polyps and sea creatures.

“With increasing ocean temperatures and its oxidation aquatic organisms that use calcium to build their houses quickly destroyed. The goal of Coral Carbonate — print frame for “home” in which biological organisms will settle and build their own new homes”, explained Alex Schofield, architect and technologist-designer in Objects and Ideograms.

The first prototypes of the corals are established in the Bay of San Francisco. Now they are under the close supervision of scientists.

We will remind that earlier scientists came to the conclusion that up to 2100 virtually all coral on Earth may disappear. The increase in temperature of the oceans causes the water to produce more carbon dioxide. Corals can not stand the acidity of the water causing mass die.

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