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Scientists have found a correlation between the degree of obesity of officials and level of corruption

Ученые нашли связь между степенью ожирения чиновников и уровнем их коррумпированности

Analysed the situation in 15 countries of the former USSR.

The researchers analyzed data on 299 Ministers from 15 countries of the former Soviet Union and established a direct link between the degree of obesity and levels of corruption in the country.

Thus, the Frenchman Paul Blavatsky of business School in Montpellier by using computer vision algorithm and convolutional neural networks have analyzed the degree of obesity 299 of Ministers of 15 countries of the former Soviet Union: Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Estonia.

Then he compared those data, referring to the objectivity of multiple studies to determine the level of corruption in different States. This — Transparency International, the Index control of corruption world Bank corruption index European centre of anti-corruption and state-building, the Index of absence of corruption International Institute for democracy and facilitate elections, as well as the index of the Basel Institute.

According to the survey, 96 of the 299 members of the government of different countries revealed a high degree of obesity, their body mass index reached 35 out of 40.

As noted by Blavatsky, obesity of Ministers and the level of corruption in the country proved to be closely related. Moreover, it was found that, the thicker the representative of the government, the less you weigh the average people of the country.

However, the indicators can fluctuate depending on the political situation in a particular state. So, in Armenia after the Velvet revolution of 2018, when is the Pro-Russian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan came to power, Nikola Pashinyan, the body mass index of Ministers decreased by a unit (32,1 40 Sargsyan and 31.2 have noted). While independent research by Transparency International in 2019 Armenia moved from 105 designated at 77 in the ranking of corruption. That is, the calculations indirectly confirmed.

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