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Scientists have discovered when a person starts a thought and finishes the other

Ученые выяснили, когда у человека начинается одна мысль и заканчивается другая

Thoughts change in average rate of 6.5 per minute.

Canadian neuroscientists who study brain activity, find out how people have thought. They tied the state transitions of the brain, which can be traced to the apparatus of fMRI brain activity. This will help to explore the thinking of man at rest and maybe with time will lead to mind reading.

Jordan Poppink (Jordan Poppenk) and Julie CEng (Julie Tseng) from Queen’s University in Kingston offered a way to see the end of one thought and the beginning of another on fMRI (machine functional magnetic resonance imaging). Neuroscientists have collected records fMRI 184 volunteers: they either just resting, or watching a movie.

From each record was allocated by the activity of 15 well-known brain networks, and simplified the dimension to two-dimensional. In the end every state of the brain occupied a point in the plane, and the resulting curve, the authors associated with the development of human thought: if thoughts are disconnected, the graph will be a single point, and if the idea develops around a single theme, there will be “worms” — chain States that are close in space.

The researchers tracked the changes of brain States while viewing the film. They built a diagram of state transitions for recordings at rest and during movies. Then we compared each step of the individual participants with the average value for the group.

It turned out, when watching the film transitions between States of different participants match each other more than the rest. This means that watching a movie is similar activity in the brain of different people.

The researchers analyzed which areas of the brain activated in the moment of transition between the States, and found that at rest and while watching a movie when you change the “thoughts” fMRI active in the same areas: anterior and posterior cingulate cortex, the insular breakline and share.

Finally, the researchers compared the number of transitions between States in different fMRI sessions of the peace at different times from the same volunteers. The option has proven to be robust between different attempts and days and, therefore, can be considered as a characteristic feature that persists independently of mood swings, fatigue and other factors.

Since the results indicated that a large number of transitions associated with a large number of successive thoughts, scientists have suggested that high frequency of the transitions is characteristic of neurotic people.

In conclusion, the authors counted the number of transitions — that is, new thoughts arise in day. The average in the rest of the participants was about 6.5 transition minute, and then the day it dawns more than six thousand thoughts.

Ученые выяснили, когда у человека начинается одна мысль и заканчивается другая

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