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Scientists have discovered the remains of half of a dove

Ученые обнаружили останки полуметрового голубя

The dove lived in the Pacific Islands Tonga 60 thousand years ago.

Scientists from the University of new Mexico in the Pacific on the Islands of the Kingdom of Tonga have discovered the remains of a giant dove.

It is noted that the new species was named Tongoenas burleyi. Its length without the tail was approximately 51 cm, and the growth was five times more than the average pigeon. According to scientists, fossil dove dimensions like a modern duck.

Ate a bird fruit, mango and guava, its massive beak allowed them to swallow.

On the Islands of Toga, there was almost no predators, so this species of birds had lived there in relative safety. But with the arrival of humans Tongoenas burleyi was destroyed in one century.

Previously at auction in Knesselare (East Flanders) a carrier pigeon named Armando was sold for a record amount of 1.25 million euros. Also, in India pigeon “spent” three years for suspicion of spying for Pakistan.

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