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Scientists have discovered how very different pressure on different hands

Ученые выяснили, как сильно отличается давление на разных руках

The results of the latest research.

It turns out that the blood pressure can be very different when measured at different parts of the body.

Blood pressure is measured almost one method for over a hundred years. It is well known that this figure may be very different from one and the same person at different times. However, it is considered that when measuring the pressure on different parts of the body one patient the difference values will be small.

As the research took place

The study involved 80 people aged about 53 years. It was the patients of the intensive care unit who underwent treatment for stroke, brain tumors, and various neurological pathologies.

Pressure measurement was carried out first on the shoulders, and then on the forearms simultaneously from both sides. In addition, 29 patients in large vessels was constantly sensors for invasive pressure measurement.

The difference in blood pressure in different parts of the body

The average difference in systolic (top) blood pressure from the different parties was 8 millimeters of mercury column (mm Hg. calendar) for the shoulders and 13 for forearms. Similar indicators for the diastolic (lower) pressure was 5 and 6. Scientists have indicated that in some cases the difference was up to 15 mm Hg. article

In some patients, the difference between the values of blood pressure measurements on different sites would be 40 mm Hg. article, the scientists write. This difference can significantly affect which treatment the patient receives.

Why such a difference

Among the possible reasons for these “jumps” in the pressure scientists call the patient’s posture, the anatomy, the influence of existing diseases. Perhaps the research will lead to a new Protocol for measuring blood pressure.

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