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Scientists have discovered how effective is interval fasting

Ученые выяснили, насколько эффективно интервальное голодание

The power supply system is gaining popularity.

Scientists from the University of Illinois for the first time compared the efficiency of two different interval diets. The effect of both diets (20: 4 18: 6) were almost identical.

A new study compares diets that provide “Windows” to power in 4 hours (20: 4) and 6 hours (18: 6). It was attended by 58 people, which are randomly distributed in three groups: each of these diets and the control (no change in diet).

Interval fasting – what is it?

The restriction of meal times: food is allocated a specific window during the day. Is an umbrella term that covers different types of diets are designed primarily for weight loss. They are often called the ratio of hours of “fed” and “hungry” hours during the day: 16: 8, 18: 6, 20: 4.

As the research took place

In the experimental groups participants were not restricted in the types of food they can eat, but out of the window they could not eat they were allowed to drink only water and other drinks without calories.

The study lasted for eight weeks. The researchers observed how the participants intensively lose weight, how to change them in risk indicators of cardiovascular disease: blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and inflammatory markers in the blood.

The efficiency of interval fasting

The results showed that the difference in the effect of these two diets interval is small enough. In both experimental groups the participants lost approximately 3% of body weight, they receive approximately 550 calories a day less.

Participants in both groups roughly equally improved the sensitivity of tissues to insulin. At the same time, when compared with the control group they were not discovered difference in the level of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. That is, for most of the markers of cardiovascular risk diet did not have any effect during the study.

Scientists also noted that the loss of 3% of the weight is not considered big enough: are effective intervention that leads to weight loss at least 5%. They indicate that the reason for this was probably the short duration of the study.

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