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Scientists have created a metal that might impress Captain America

Ученые создали металл, который впечатлил бы Капитана Америку

Scientists have created the strongest material.

Trying not to deviate from the standards of fictional films about superheroes, where the strongest metal is the vibranium of the shield of Captain America, researchers have created a material that under loads also vibrates and maximum resists deformation.

So, researchers from the University of Durham and fraunhoferstra Institute under the direction of Stephen Staniszewski have created a new material “Proteus” from sponge titanium-aluminum alloy with ceramic spheres of aluminum oxide. Created material can withstand cutting, grinder, water jet cutting, and the processing with the help of nichrome alloy and drilling.

Metal design provides the flexibility and ceramics — the toughness and strength. The aggressive action material starts to vibrate, what creates additional resistance and weighs seven times less than steel due to its porous structure.

So, the researchers mixed powders of aluminium and titanium hydride, and then subjected them to cold forming, squeezed the mixture through an extruder and cut the resulting bars into small pieces. Then between the steel plates need to put metal cylinders and a network of ceramic spheres of aluminum oxide. Then the material is heated to 760 degrees Celsius for 15-20 minutes to decompose the titanium hydride and departing hydrogen had time to form a spongy structure between the ceramic spheres.

After the tests it withstood the cutting grinder with sapphire coating — disk erased in a minute with a diameter of 11.5 to 4.4 cm. The main resistance of the ceramic spheres and vibration. After adding a nichrome alloy, the same effect was and when drilling material, even without contact with the sphere.

Ученые создали металл, который впечатлил бы Капитана Америку

The researchers plan to patent the opening and under the guise of selling one of the most durable materials on the planet.

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