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Scientists diagnosed bone cancer from an ancient dinosaur

Ученые диагностировали рак костей у древнего динозавра

Disease of modern people was 76 million years ago.

Canadian scientists from McMaster University and the Royal Ontario Museum found a malignant tumor in the fibula dinosaur that lived 76 million years ago. Study published the scientific journal Lancet Oncology.

It is noted that initially unusual growths and damage to the bones, which found in 1989, took over traces sausage fracture. However, a number of tests showed that centrosaur suffered from osteosarcoma — bone cancer.

“Here we demonstrate obvious signs of bone cancer at a late stage of the horned dinosaur that lived 76 million years ago — for the first time. It’s very exciting,” said one of the scientists mark Crowther.

While another researcher, David Evans, said that the cancer probably did the dinosaur vulnerable, however, herbivores managed to survive thanks to life in the big herd, and he probably died with other members of the flock in the floods.

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